Spinning Bike With LCD Display & Water Bottle



This features a standard luxury Spinning Bike good for home indoor cycling.

The bike has an LCD Monitor which displays Time, Speed, Distance, Calorie, and Pulse.

It is made with strong materials to tolerate user weights upto one hundred kilograms. This Spin bike comes in the most recent design and features.

It is a must-have for everyone. You will love this bike 100%.

• Heavy Duty Professional Spinning Bike With Lcd Monitor
• Flywheel: 13.0 Kg
• Handle Bar Can Be Adjusted Vertically
• Driven By Chain
• + – Multi Resistance Adjustment By Revolving The Knob Vertically
• Computer Monitors: Time, Speed, Distance, Calorie & Pulse
• Assembled Size: L122xw61xh120 (Cm)
• Round Front Slanting Tube: Dia.50 X 1.5 (Mm)
• Front And Rear Stabilizer Tube: 76×1.5 (Mm)
• Flywheel 13 Kg
• Max. User Weight: Up To 100kg
• Seat Can Be Adjusted Horizontally & Vertically
* Product Weight: 30kg

Spinning is an interesting exercise that enables you to burn calories faster than on any other exercise bike. It is enjoyed either in a group or alone. Have you considered purchasing a Spin bike? It’s hard to argue the benefits of this spin bike. A newcomer to the world of exercise enthusiasts who work out on Spin bikes will most likely explore it initially for one or more of the top 5 benefits listed below.More experienced and even advanced indoor cyclists keep coming back for the same reasons.

• Burn Calories and Fat Intensively/Weight Loss. There’s no doubt that following a Spin routine for 40 to 60 minutes will burn calories and fat at an impressive rate. While every person’s body is different, the average burn is anywhere from 400-1200 calories per session. Your own body weight, level of resistance you choose, and cadence will modify your personal results.
• Improve Cardiovascular Health. The sustained action of continuous pedaling at varying resistances will result in a stronger heart, lungs and vascular system. The latter is the network of arteries and veins that transport blood throughout the body. This is the carrier system for oxygen and nutrients as well as the system that removes waste products from the tissues.
• Enjoy an Effective, Low-Impact Workout.


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