Aluminium Premium Outdoor Table Tennis Table With Complete Accessorie



This features a high quality, standard durable outdoor Table Tennis Table .We have you absolutely covered with this table tennis. The top is built with high quality aluminium material to ensure water resistant. It can be used for outdoor or indoor purposes. This table tennis is rugged! The back of the table tennis is designed to make it immensely sturdy – you will love it. Whether home, office or business, you have a table tennis that will satisfy you 100% . This table is of premium quality, meant for people that loves good quality. It can be played by one person, two persons or more


  • ITTF Standard
  • Standard Outdoor Table Tennis (weather resistant)
  • Built to withstand outdoor weather and heavy usage.
  • Foldable with strong tyres for easy movement.
  • Measuring 110 Inches by 60 Inches by 30 Inches.
  • Single player option available.
  • Comes with Bats, Ball, Net, Net Holder (ready to play).
  • Blue color.


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